Bengal Machine has partnered with Graf Equipment, a leading pellet mill manufacturer to provide a full line of pelletizing equipment for the Feed and Grain and Biofuel industries.

Easy to use, with an anti-vibration body, Graf Equipment is easy to use and known for being robust and durable. Our high capacity pellet mill and pelletizing equipment feature easy to change dies, and precision engineering. These custom-configured machines promise efficiency, reliability, and superior pellet quality.

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Pellet Mills
The robust and reliable pellet mills from Graf Equipment are ideal for all pelletizing applications. These mills are constructed of stainless steel and characterized by ease of use and maintenance. 
Pellet Cooler
The Graf Equipment Counterflow cooler promises gentle cooling, is easy and fast to clean and eliminates cross-contamination.
Pellet Crumblers
The Graf Equipment crumbler is ideal for multistage grinding systems. A robust design, with high throughput and low energy consumption, this crumbler a reliable partner in your plant.