Our CM Shredders brand produces a line of various industrial and tire shredders ready to handle even the most demanding materials. Extremely versatile for every application, our heavy-duty industrial shredders handle everything from glass, plastics, and electronic waste to car tires, wood, and various metals. Utilizing both dual-shaft shredders and single-shaft shredders, we have the perfect industrial shredding solution for large and small operations. Whether you’re shredding various industrial materials or granulating rubber, we have an industrial shredder to meet your needs.

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Tire Shredders:
industrial shredders:

Primary Shredder
Processes whole tires into rough shreds for disposal or further processing to Tire Derived Aggregate, Tire Derived Fuel, or Feed Stock for Crumb Rubber Applications.
Dual Speed Chipping Shredder
Since 1982 CM has built and delivered more of these workhorses than all of our other shredders combined.
CM Hybrid Shredders
These dual shaft shredders are ideal for many applications. They are available with different knife configurations that can be designed specifically for your application.

Zero Waste System
The CM Zero Waste System screens and separates commingled steel and rubber generated from the Liberator in Stage 2 tire processing.

Chip Shredder
High volume production of specifically sized tire chips. Chips are cleanly cut with very little exposed steel.
CM SOLO 40_Single Shaft Shredder
CM Solo Shredders
The Solo Series are high performance single-shaft grinding shredders, designed to consistently provide an exact finished particle size. 
Liberator Systems
separates the wire from rubber in tires and other mixed applications. The CM Liberator™ is an extremely robust medium speed Primary grinder. 
Dual Drive Crackermill
produces more fine rubber for the tire recycling industry than all other competitive systems combined. The unique cutting action is produced by two large counter rotating rolls that crack and mill the rubber to the desired size. 
CM Granulators
CM Granulators
The wide range of rotors and hopper sizes allow the machines to be tailored to almost every application in the recycling field. The completely welded heavy steel construction is designed to to withstand the most demanding and universal applications.